Little Rock Family Photographer | Beach Family Self-Portraits

Early this summer, we were lucky enough to head down to the white sand beaches in Florida. I packed up some photo-worthy (i.e. not neon beachwear) clothes and leisurely toyed with the idea of not taking “official” family photos at all during this trip. But the kids wanted to get dressed up. I think they mostly wanted to run into the ocean in said clothing. However, we trekked bravely out there with the tripod and plans to use our self-timer technique.

Then, the weather took a turn south. We realized quickly that huge winds and overcast skies were going to interfere with our tripod idea. Luckily, my husband is good at putting up with me directing a shoot from in front of the camera. I may have controlled the settings for him, but I have to point out his great compositions and wonderful eye. The grandparents came through for us carrying some gear around and generally comforting our cold and very wet kids. This session is extra special to me because of all the love in front of the lens – and behind it, too – that made these dreamy pastel images possible.

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